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Updated 4/8/09
To the Secretary of State: Regarding Darfur and Sudan, Including Canadian Proposal to the European Union

Darfur policy is now under review in the Obama Administration. Two key figures are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. To try to influence this review, we have produced a 191-page document and sent hard copies to Clinton, Rice, Senator Feingold (WI), Congressman Hinchey (NY), among others.


Proposal to the European Union to establish a Joint Darfur/Sudan Planning Commission
The Medical Equipment to South Sudan Project

Below are links to an inventory of four container-loads of medical equipment that has now arrived in the port of Mombasa, Kenya, en route to Juba, capital of South Sudan. The equipment was assembled from Canadian donors: medical and dental practitioners, hospitals, and other citizens. The project to arrange for the shipment and raise money for the $40,000 cost of shipping the equipment was organized and directed by Ottawa resident Justin Laku, founder and president of Canadian Friends of Sudan and a collaborator on Darfur projects, since 2004, with the Darfur Action Group-Cornell.

Inventory 1, Inventory 2, Inventory 3, Inventory 4, Agreement with Juba Hospital
Sudanese Endgame

A 60-minute public tv drama-documentary


This report, based on research in unclassified written sources as well as interviews with fourteen high-ranking military and civilian experts, assesses the possible contributions of a no-fly zone to the resolution of the Darfur question. It discusses three possible functions of these zones and considers six possible missions, which could make use of these functions. The impact upon mission choice of UNSC Resolution 1769, the effectiveness of which is critically analyzed, also receives attention.


A message of support and of warning.

The Plan B for Darfur Project: A Progress Report

Reports on 6 and 7 December indicate that janjaweed militias are massing for large-scale attacks on El Fashir, capital of North Darfur. Units of 1000+ personnel have been observed in coordinated actions.

Plan B: Progress_Report
Plan B: Project_Description
Questions for the JDPC
Selected Phase 1 Emails

The Challenge: Unless this plan or a more robust one is implemented quickly, the surviving victims of the Darfur genocide will remain indefinitely in an archipelago of destitute camps spread across the region. A population of 2.5 million, driven from well over one thousand completely destroyed villages, lingers in disease, starvation, fears confirmed by daily violence, and hopes abridged by the now accelerating departure of international aid organizations.

(Sudan's name in Arabic: "Land of the Blacks") Lyrics by John Weiss
SF Chronicle Op-Ed by Camdzic, Weiss

Frustrated at the inability of American policies to stop the killings, rapes, and forced starvation in the Darfur region of western Sudan, a group of American human rights activists decided to appeal to the Canadian government to lead the international community’s efforts to end the atrocities. Departing from the city of Ithaca, in central New York State, the group traveled by bicycle to the Canadian capital of Ottawa, taking a 600-mile route around Lake Ontario that included stops in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, and Toronto.

The journey began on July 11th, the tenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, and ended on August 7th with the presentation of a petition to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.

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This money will NOT go to pay for humanitarian work in Darfur:
  1. Humanitarian organizations are being forced out of most of Darfur and cannot deliver the aid they already have paid for.
  2. They will only be able to operate if some version of the Three-Part Plan is implemented.
  3. Many of the Sudanese Govt humanitarian organizations are staffed by operatives of Salah Abdallah Gosh, the Heinrich Himmler of the genocide.
  4. Your money and implied support of Humanitarian Policies will only encourage the bravest and most self-sacrificing humanitarian workers in the international organizations, who are still there, and who are 90 per cent Sudanese,to stay on and run a great risk of becoming not aidworkers but martyrs. That is, they will be killed, as is already happening, of course.
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